Most Instagram-Worthy Food Spots in San Diego

Aaaaaand the basics come running.  But actually – these food spots in San Diego are about as basic and trendy as they come – it’s every girl’s Instagram dream!


Communal Coffee

If you’re a girl living in SD and you’ve never been here, are you really even a girl that lives in SD?  The lighting here is PRIME, the succulents are adorable, the lavender latte is FIRE, and the chia pudding and granola bowls are both BOMB.


Holy Matcha

This cafe only opened a couple of months ago, but they had the basics come flocking before they even opened (a.k.a. people like me).  Why?  Because everything – food and drinks – has matcha green tea powder in it!  V happening and hip, if I do say so myself.  AND they have a flower wall PERFECT for pictures – if that doesn’t reel you in, I’m not sure what will.  Actually, the entire place is decorated perfectly for photos of all kinds.  But, hate to break it to you, the food isn’t as good as it looks…  still cute though (just look at their Instagram!)


Trilogy Sanctuary

This place is my FAVORITE!  Gluten-free and vegan?  You know all the trendy foodies must try.  Plus, it’s on a rooftop in La Jolla – BONUS!  But actually, this place has the best and most wholesome vibes EVER.  It even has aerial yoga classes!  Say whaaattt. 



If you’ve never been to Firehouse, you’re doing it all wrong.  Definitely one of the most basic places to go for brunch in Pacific Beach.  But hey, nothing wrong with a cute rooftop, good food, and a killer view.  And, it’s also one of the best places to spend a Sunday Funday, if you know what I mean 😉


El Prez

Ahh, another rooftop bar with a killer view.  But this one is the BEST place to watch the sunset over the beach, hands down.   What’s more, it has some of the comfiest cabanas to lounge in (and take pics in, duh!)  You just have to make sure you can swoop in on them before everyone else does – slim pickings my friends!  Plus, who doesn’t love some cheap tacos?!  Be warned though: service is slowww.



If you didn’t go here and order a mimosa flight on your 21st birthday, did you even turn 21?



There are trees inside the restaurant honeys!!!  I repeat there are trees inside the restaurant.   And fairy lights.  I got all you basics at the fairy lights wink wink.   Super cute.  And bottomless mimosas – who doesn’t love those?!


Square Bar Cafe

Take one look at the bottles – TRENDY!  Specialty bubble teas in plastic bottles AND rainbow bagels.  SOLD.  Jk, I obvi didn’t get the bagel – I’m gluten-free, duh.


Cafe Gratitude

sigh Another vegan gem!  But this one is cute enough as to where the waiters will ask you a question of the day as well as what you’re grateful for – then you get to sit and ponder upon it.  V cute.




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