Life Lessons (Part 2 or 3)

One thing about life that’s guaranteed: lessons will constantly be thrown at you.  And the same lessons in life will appear over and over again until they are mastered – so best get to it! *wink*

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So let’s get to it!




People are who they are

You either accept them how as they are, or you don’t.  People get so fixated on changing other people and making them out to be someone else in their head.  NEWS FLASH: THEY ARE WHO THEY ARE.  If you can’t get past someone’s flaws, walk away (or as some would say: “take it or leave it”).

Also: don’t take someone’s actions and choices personally, we are all just out here trying to live our own lives in our own ways.


Life is a journey

Ain’t that the truth. A longggg journey full of twists and turns, ups and downs, highs and lows.  But hey, that’s life – you are here to EXPERIENCE!  You’re just out here on your own lil pathway of life.  And sometime’s you are lucky enough to have other people’s life paths entangle in yours *wink*.


You have to take care of yourself before you can take care of anyone else

Let me say this again so everyone in the back can hear: YOU HAVE TO TAKE CARE OF YOURSELF FIRST!  I, for one, am constantly guilty of putting others’ needs before my own.  However, you can’t save someone from drowning if you are drowning too!  You gotta get to the land first, sweetie!  It’s ok to prioritize your wellbeing and protect your energy – actually, it’s what you should be doing!  So don’t feel guilty about it.


Everyone is a mirror of yourself

Trippy, am I right?  But seriously, everyone is a mirror.  They’re just reflecting back different parts of you to you. Aka so that you can see yourself.  From there, you can use the information to learn, grow, and make changes.

And don’t forget: every person – whether it be a lifelong friend, an ex, or a stranger at the supermarket – was put in your life to teach you something.


Energy doesn’t lie

And that’s on FACTS!  Your gut is always on point, sis.  LISTEN TO IT!  Everyone and everything sends out their own frequencies – tune in to them!


Relationships take work

NO ONE IS PERFECT!  Not you, not me, not anyone.  The only thing that matters is that you’re constantly striving to become a better person.  The same thing goes for relationships: they aren’t perfect.  So just try your best and be forgiving.  This goes for friendships, familial relationships, romantic relationships, and anything in between.


You can’t please everyone

Again, you aren’t perfect.  YOU CAN’T MAKE EVERYONE HAPPY!  So just do your best and do what makes YOU happy (just don’t intentionally hurt someone else).  Remember, it’s not the action that matters, it’s the intention behind it that does.




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