Hidden Gem: Dreamgirls

I love clothes, but hate going to the mall.  Like why malls even exist anymore is a shocker to me.  Shitty parking, long lines, bad service, missing sizes, unorganized attire?  NO THANK YOU!!!  Way.  Too.  Much.  Effort.  My solution?  Order EVERYTHING online.   I am literally the QUEEN of online shopping – why Amazon Prime hasn’t sponsored me already is a surprise to me.  I will order everything on there – clothes, toiletries, gifts, snacks, you name it.   What can I say?  I’m a woman of minimal effort.

But sometimes it’s nice to have a cute store to go to and physically try clothes on in (and to be able to run to with last-minute fashion emergencies, am I, right ladies?!).

My cute little-hidden treasure I found?  Dreamgirls Boutique in Ocean Beach!  With the best Coachella style out there (literally the best place to shop for your festival attire ladies!), the trendiest accessories, the cutest staff, and new clothes coming in every week, it’s hard not to fall in love with this lil boutique! AND it’s located right next to the beach, so no mall parking or mall crowds!  Just run in and run right back out.  Or maybe stop and take some pics 😉


All clothing articles and accessories pictured above are from Dreamgirls Boutique!!!

Just as obsessed as I am?  Go and check them out for yourself on Instagram! @dreamgirlsob

Not a San Diego local?  Lucky for you, you can still shop online 😉 www.shopdreamgirls.com

You KNOW you have a shopping addiction somewhere when they make a card out of you and put it on their check out desk…

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