All You Need to Know About Hair Extensions

Does anyone these days really have real hair?  DOUBT IT.  What’s the point when hair extensions are at your fingertips?  Hell, I take better hair of my extensions than my real hair (oops).

But with a plethora of hair extension options out there, it’s hard to find the type of extensions that works best for you. Luckily for you, I’ve been around the extensions block the past 6 years (don’t EVER go to an inexperienced hair stylist to bleach your hair ladies, it will ruin your hair FOREVER!)

The Halo

This is best if you’re looking for a quick fix for big events. It’s easy to put in and take out for that instant luxurious hair with literally no damage!  However, THIS IS NOT AN EVERYDAY FIX!   Halo hair is not designed to be worn every day – the hair will wear out too quick!


I used these for yearssss.  They’re affordable and give you instant long, thick hair. Again, these are a tempory fix and not for everyday wear.  The clips will cause a lot of damage – think about it, you’re literally pulling your hair with heavy weighted clips…  But these are great if you want the extensions look but aren’t ready to commit to permanent ones!

Wrap Ponytail Extensions

Just bought some and I am OBSESSED!!!  Don’t you hate when you have long hair and it gets short in a ponytail?!  HAVE NO FEAR LADIES!  Wrap ponytail extensions are here to save you all.  These extensions are super easy to put on for an instant glam ponytail.  Perfect for when you want to go out and be cute but are too lazy to do your hair – think Kyle Kardashian at her 21st birthday party.


I LOVE TAPE INS!  If you’re sick of having to take your luxurious locks in and out every day, these are PERF! Not having to take your hair in and out every day is the BEST!!! You can shower in them, sleep in them, swim in them – bitch this is like YOUR HAIR!  They’re perf for thin hair because they sit flat on your head and are easy to put up in a ponytail.  Plus, each set of hair lasts like 6-12 months, too.  Maintenance wise, you need to get them bumped up (aka taken out and moved higher) every 6-8 weeks.  PSA: do NOT get hair conditioner or oil close to your roots.  This will cause the tape to get loose and have the extensions fall out… NOT CUTE!

Beaded Weft

GREAT PERMANENT SOLUTION!  I also had these for years.  Like tape ins, you need to get them bumped up every 6-8 weeks and last about 6 months to a year.  So again, you wash these and treat them like your real hair.  Since the hair is in a weft form, these extensions can be SUPER thick!  AND since the extensions are attached to your hair with beads (they clamp a bead around your hair and the extension hair) it’s one of the least damaging types of hair extensions!  My real hair actually grew the most when I had these!  The only con is when the extension gets loose, it is ANNOYING AF!

Sewn In Weft

Another permanent weft hair extension!  It’s the same weft hair extensions used in the beaded wefts, the only difference is that the extensions are attached by creating a small cornrow like braid in your hair and sewing the weft onto the braid.   These work great for coarse hair!  However, if you have thin/soft hair, this is NOT a good solution because the braid will come undone, thus the extension will not hold.

Fusion Hair Extensions

Single strand extensions that use Keratin bonds (aka pretty much glue) and heat to attach to your hair.  These are a permanent solution that lasts a while!  About 2-6 months for maintenance.  But although maintenance is low, the installation time is LONG (about 2-3 hours) and the extensions are one of the most damaging to your hair.

Pro Tips:

Remember ladies, everyone has different hair so make sure you go with the extensions that are right for YOU! 

Also, make sure you research the brands of hair extensions – HIGH-QUALITY REMY HAIR IS EVERYTHING!  No one likes ratty hair.  I go between 18″-22″ in length.

If you’re in the San Diego Area, I HIGHLY recommend you go to my stylist Ally at Rinse Salon in North Park – she is a hair extension EXPERT!  I literally trust her with my life.

Feel free to reach out if you have any more questions! Xx

22″ Platinum Tape In Extensions


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