My Acupuncture Experience (I Loved It!)

Okay okay okay, so what’s the first thing you think of when acupuncture?  Needles, OBVIOUSLY.  And that’s probably why you’re too scared to go – WELL GROW THE EFF UP!  I’m a 5’1″ lil blonde girl, if I can handle it, you can, too.  So I’m going to enlighten you all on my acupuncture experience…

My acupuncture experience

On the real real, acupuncture DOES NOT HURT!  I shit you not, the needles are literally as thin as your hair and don’t go more than 1/2 an inch deep, so you virtually can’t even feel them getting inserted.  What can you feel?  The sweet, sweet feeling of relaxation sigh.  Like the most relaxed you have ever felt before – better than massage and meditation combined!

ANYWAYS…  If you haven’t put it together by now, I’m a cocktail waitress at the club – aka I’m on my feet in nonsupportive shoes ALL THE TIME.  Mind you, my feet are extremely flat.  Like I actually have no arch at all, they’re that flat.  This is not a drill people!!!  So, what does having flat feet have to do with acupuncture?  WELL, your feet are linked to practically everything in your bod, and because I have flat feet, I suffer from pain/swelling in my feet, calves, knees, hips and lower back – IT AIN’T FUN.  Trust.   And no matter how much I would roll out my muscles and stretch (I even tried getting massages) the pain would not stop. 

And then I discovered acupuncture, all thanks to Monica Foitzik cue heavenly music.  No joke, acupuncture is probably one of the best things that have ever happened to me.  All of my lower back pain that was making me start to feel like I was 22 going on 60?  GONE!   It was literally a godsend.

There’s a reason acupuncture has been around for thousands of years inserts sassy emoji.

So, how does it work?

Well, kids, according to traditional Chinese medicine – damn I sound intelligent –  there are about 2,000 acupuncture points on the bod.  DAMN MA!  And there are 20 pathways (meridians) that connect the points.  These pathways allow energy (qi) to flow through them.  When the needle contacts an acupuncture point – fasten your seatbelts boys and girls – it balances out the normal flow of energy in your body (hint hint yin and yang).

SIMPLIFIED:  the needles stimulate your nerves in a positive way.  TA DA!


Suffering from physical pain?  Emotional and psychological disorders?  Gastrointestinal issues? (this was also me – I have a family health history of stomach cancer and pancreatic cancer… YIKES!) Addiction?  Circulatory issues?  Headaches?  Cramps?  TRY ACUPUNCTURE!!!  It is scientifically proven to treat ALL of these issues.  I am 100% confident it will help you.  YOU ARE WELCOME!


Any more questions?  Make sure to ask in the comments section below! Xx

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