I Tried Botox!

Okay, I already know a lot of you are judging me for this.  Like, “OMG!  You’re only 22, Megan!  You don’t need Botox!”  For the record people, nobody needs Botox, it’s an elective cosmetic injection.  So jump right on off of that high horse of yours inserts sassy hand emoji.

But on the real real, I did get Botox.  Obviously, we all know it’s used to prevent wrinkling in the forehead region (typically for middle-aged women), and if you didn’t know that, well NEWS FLASH, that’s the most common usage.  But what a lot of people don’t know (or are too closeminded to realize), you can actually use Botox for preventative measures.  Aka people my age can use it to prevent deep wrinkles from forming on our foreheads.  Think about it:  you can’t get frown lines if the muscles in your face aren’t moving, duh.

BONUS: If you’re young (or your face is like mine), you’ll only require about 10 units.  Which, compared to older folk, is nothing.  #blessed

Granted, Botox is one those products that require regular maintenance – like every three to four months – YIKES!  But hey, beauty ain’t easy, am I right ladies?!  Conversely, if for some strange reason you don’t like the Botox, it’ll be gone before you know it!  TA DA!

Another BONUS?  If you have frequent headaches/migraines (this was also me), Botox can actually relieve you of them.  IT’S SO NICE!  “But how?”  It has to do with the blockage of nerves as well as the relaxation of the muscles.  Pretty dope, right?


Like any cosmetic procedure, MAKE SURE YOU GO TO A GOOD INJECTOR!!!  This will make or break your experience.  IT’S YOUR FACE PEOPLE!!!  Do NOT let someone inexperienced and unreliable eff it up!!!  I KNOW you all have seen botched Botox walking around.  Aka when someone’s face is permanently surprised looking with their eyebrows frozen up to their hairline.  Or when their eyelid looks droopy.  DO NOT LET THIS BE YOU!!!



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