Sydney Tourist Attractions

Cheers mate!  I reckon it’s time for you to have a good read!

So, for those of you that don’t know, I lived in Sydney, Australia for six months – aka the best six months OF. MY. LIFE.  Mark my words, I’m moving back one day.

Yet until then, I’m just going to have to reminisce on all the great memories.  And annoy all of you with them wink wink.

But hey, at least when/if you go to visit Sydney, Australia one day, you’ll know all the good spots to go!


Ahhh, the most famous beach in Australia.  Why?  Because of it’s full of HOTTIES!!!  RIGS EVERYWHERE!  Everywhere you turn there’s a beautiful person.  Literally.  The beach is so crowded that you’re within feet of other people…  Say goodbye to personal space!  But hey, Bondi Beach is famous for a reason: IT. IS. BREATHTAKING!  Beautiful sands, beautiful waters, beautiful wall art, beautiful people, beautiful weather – doesn’t get much better than that!  Must do if you’re a boujee basic bitch like me.

Obvi have to check out Bondi Icebergs Pool, too.  IT IS EFFING BEAUTIFUL!

And don’t forget to stop into Bucket List for a beachside Espresso Martini or Aperol Spritz wink wink.


You know a fun lil activity to do after you’re done tanning at Bondi Beach?  Saunter on over to Bronte Beach via the Bondi to Bronte Coastal Walk!  Or, if you’re lazy like me, just Uber wink wink.   Another gorg beach (my personal fav in Sydney) that’s def worth checking out!

You can even have a picnic in the cliffs!  #couplegoalsaf


Aka what people think of when they think of Australia.  (Honestly, this is the only thing I knew about Australia before I moved…)  SORRY, BUT IT IS ICONIC!  It has the Sydney Harbour Bridge, Sydney Opera House, and yachting galore!  Toursisy afffffff.  Great for pics wink.


ARCHITECTURAL GOALS PEOPLE!!!  Can you really say you’re living your best life if you haven’t been here?  NOPE!  So, GO!


Why make a trip to China when you could just go to the Chinese Garden of Friendship?  It’s literally like you’re there.


It may not be Sydney Harbour (even though you can see views of it), but still, it’s AMAZING!  


Legit cried when I came here.  IT IS THAT MAGICAL!  Legit felt like I was in a National Geographic show…  A true representation of the beauty in the land down under!


insert Destiny’s Child “Chasing Waterfalls” lyrics

Talk about chasing waterfalls…  THEY ARE EVERYWHERE!!!  And mountain views…  The Blue Mountains will FOR SURE TAKE YOUR BREATH AWAY!


It’s actually considered a Northern Beach not a Sydney Beach, but hey, close enough!

Palm Beach is also the set of the Australian show “Home & Away” (if you’re American like me, you’ve def never heard of this show.  But hey, fun fact of the day!).


I ain’t clowning around when I insist you check this place out (punny, right?).  Hop on a ferry and right on over to Luna Park!  IT HAS A FERRIS WHEEL LOOKING AT THE SYDNEY HARBOUR BRIDGE PEOPLE!  Plus, who doesn’t like amusement parks?!  And if you don’t… well, you def have no soul.


Another ferry ride away – god I LOVE the public transportation in Sydney.  SHOCKER! I know.  Who would have thunk my boujee ass self would love public transport?!  I SURE DIDN’T!  But hey, the fact that you can take a ferry like everywhere is EPIC! 

If you want to see the koalas (aka my spirit animal) and kangaroos (probably why you came to Australia in the first place), then the zoo is a MUST!

Want to read even more about my life down under?  Go check out my Australian blog:


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