Jk, I’ve already gone enough (it’s less than an hour flight from San Diego, can ya blame me?!).  So, I figured I’d make ya’ll a lil beginner’s Vegas guide from my experiences.


Vegas is every boujee bitch’s DREAM!  The hotels are GORGEOUS!  Like over the top AF!  The Cosmopolitan is my absolute FAVORITE HOTEL IN THIS WORLD!  Although, I do quite fancy The Wynn as well.  However, you can also never go wrong staying at the MGM Grand or Caesar’s Palace!


Omnia Nightclub, Marquee Nightclub, and XS Nightclub are FOR SURE the TOP THREE nightclubs in Vegas.

But Jewel Nightclub, Hakkasan Nightclub, and Drai’s Nightclub (Drai’s for hip-hop) are also must-gos.

Want to get on clubs’ guest lists for free?  Just hashtag #Vegas on your Instagram photos.  A Vegas club promoter will reach out within seconds…  No joke.

P.S. The XS Nightclub’s girls’ bathroom has the BEST lighting.


Encore Beach ClubWet Republic Ultra Pool and Marquee Dayclub are the most ICONIC pool parties in Vegas – actually, in the world.  They’re home to some of the world’s hottest DJs, too.  THIS IS BUCKET LIST MATERIAL PEOPLE!  You can’t do Vegas without pool parties.  It’s like getting a latte without pumpkin spice…


You know what?  Despite being known as “Sin City” and for copious amounts of alcohol (people literally drink on the streets), you can actually go to Vegas and NOT drink.  Crazy, I know how.  Even more surprising?  I’ve done it before.  SAYYYY WHAAAATTT.  Here’s what to do instead (although, you can obvi drink here, too):

  • Lay out at the pool.  Every hotel in Vegas has a pool, so you might as well take advantage of it.  Plus, it’s hot as effing tits outside.  Like 100+ degrees…  But, it makes for a GREAT tan.
  • Go watch some shows.  Vegas seriously has the BEST.  SHOWS.  IN.  THE.  WORLD.  You really can’t get better than a Vegas show.  THE ACROBATICS ARE INSANE!!!  Le Rêve, Absinthe (love the inappropriate humor), and Cirque de Soleil’s Zumanity are my faves, just to name a few.
  • EAT!  Vegas restaurants are AMAZING!  IT IS A BOUJEE BITCH’S DREAMS!!!  And they’re a must before going out to the clubs.  Seersucker, STK, Beauty & Essex, and Morimoto are some of my favorites.


Vegas can be pretty much free if you’re an attractive girl, but if you’re a dude, shit is expensive afffff.


What happens in Vegas, doesn’t always stay in Vegas.



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