My Current Obsession: Spencer Couture Art

A wise man once said, “art speaks where words are unable to explain” – and damn was he right!  There’s nothing I love to look at more than a beautiful piece of artwork (well, except for some hot men, of course, wink).  And my current favorite artist?!  SPENCER COUTURE ART!

Like his work is actually my literal obsession.  If I had a mansion (which I will one-day #futuretrophywife), I would have his art on every. single. wall.  EVERY WALL, PEOPLE!  THAT IS HOW PASSIONATE I AM ABOUT THIS!  His original urban pop art is TO DIE FOR!

One of my goals in life (this is literally on my bucket list) is for Spencer to do an original painting of me.  So if someone could make this happen, that would be ideal.  Please and thank you kiss kiss.

Why?  BECAUSE I JUST LOVE HIS POP ART!  He even did a mural on the wall of Side Bar Nightclub – an iconic San Diego venue.  AND HE DID AN ORINIGAL PIECE FOR DRAKE FOR MOTHER EFFING DRAKE!!!  That’s when you know his shit is good.





If you just can’t get enough of his art (I know I sure can’t), you can keep lurking on his Instagram @SpencerCoutureArt to see more (and I know you do wink).



Spencer Couture is also currently painting a McLaren 720S so #staytuned.

AND if you want to see his paintings in person, he is putting on another Pop Party Show this coming December 15th at Omnia Nightclub in San Diego!  IT IS A MUST GO EVENT!  Who doesn’t love pop art AND alcohol?!  Because I sure do…


P.S.  If you say you saw his art on this blog post, he will even help you out with a homie discount wink.



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