Don’t Send D*ick Pics

NO ONE WANTS YOUR DICK PICS!!!  I repeat, NO ONE WANTS YOUR DICK PICS!!!  Idk in what world guys think that sending a random dick pic to a girl is acceptable, but it sure as hell isn’t this one!

Sending a dick pic is the equivalent of when a cat brings a dead bird or mouse to its owner, thinking it’s some sort of great gift.  NEWS FLASH:  IT ISN’T!!!

Out of every girl I’ve ever asked, 100% said they DO NOT like receiving random dick pics.  You know what girls do when they get random dick pics?  Shudder in pure horror.  Then, they laugh to their girl friends about it.  And do you want to know why?  Because your dick is laughable.   Ha ha.  Gross.

Just because you love looking at tit pics and crotch shots, DOESN’T MEAN GIRLS WANT TO SEE PICS OF WHAT’S UNDER YOUR PANTS!  ESPECIALLY if they don’t even know you.  Are you trying to get blocked?  Because that’s how you do it.

NEVER in my LIFE have I enjoyed getting a random, unsolicited dick pic from a stranger.   NEVER YOU PERVES!  So, STOP DOING IT!

There’s a reason you can get arrested for whipping your dick out in public – THE REST OF THE HUMAN POPULATION DOESN’T WANT TO SEE IT.


So, if for whatever strange reason you have some abnormal urge to send a random dick pic to some unsuspecting girl on Snapchat, Instagram, or text, let me give you a little advice:



Every Woman On The Planet


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