A Daddy vs A Zaddy

Who’s your daddy? *wink*

The hyper-sexualized term “daddy” is used ALL the time now.  Like, I’m pretty sure I say it at least once a day #oops.  But some people still don’t quite understand what it means (c’mon people!).  Or, some people  confuse the terms “daddy,” “sugar daddy,” and “zaddy.”  Lucky for you, I’m here to explain it all for you.  YOU. ARE. WELCOME.



No, not your father silly.  A “daddy” is an attractive, older guy.  Kinda like a DILF (dad I’d like to f*ck).  He’s the protector and dominator in the relationship – think “spank me, daddy!”  Or, if you see a hot, older guy in a suit at the club and think “ugh, he’s soooo daddy”.



A “sugar daddy” is an older gentleman with lots of money.  Lots of money that he likes to spend on young, attractive girls –  typically in exchange for their time, attention, sexual favors, etc.  A sugar daddy isn’t normally attractive – he’s usually ugly AF, tbh – he’s an old dude with lots of money.  Lots of money that he likes to spend on his little princess *wink*.

Prime Example: Hugh Hefner



A “zaddy” is an attractive guy with killer style and charisma – he’s sexy and swaggy AF!   You are obsessed with his sense of fashion and want to unwrap what’s underneath *wink*.   10/10  want him to impregnate you – he’s FINE AS F*CK!  Think “zaayyyuumm Zaddyyyy“.  PSA: A zaddy is not necessarily older!  He can be any age.


Hope this helped *wink*.


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