How To Tell If Your Man Is Cheating On You

It’s 2019 bitchez, and the cheaters are running rampant!  It’s more out of the ordinary now to find a man that doesn’t cheat versus a man that does…  Sad, but true.   You just cannot live in denial, ladies!

As a woman who has been cheated on by multiple men, I’ve noticed that their patterns are eerily similar…  I also have eyewitness reports from my girl friends who have been cheated on by their men, too…  AND I’ve heard many stories – more than I’d like to admit – from my guy friends who cheated on the girlfriends…  What can I say, I have a lot of fuckboys in my life shrugsBut let’s just put it this way: I am very well adverse in this subject matter.

THIS WORLD IS A DARK PLACE, PEOPLE!!!  But hey, better to be aware than to be naive about it…


So, without further ado, here are THE TELL-TALE SIGNS YOUR MAN IS CHEATING ON YOU:


He always places his phone face down

Because he doesn’t want all his hoes’ messages popping up on his lock screen


He takes his phone with him everywhere – even to the bathroom and shower

If your man is taking your phone with him when he takes an effing shower, then you have a BIG problem, sis.  Definitely trying to hide something…


He won’t answer your FaceTime calls

Because he doesn’t want you to see where he is/who he’s with – surprise!  It’s another hoe


He stops responding for strange durations of time

Because he’s getting freaky with the girl next door


He gets defensive over the smallest questions

Men ALWAYS get SUPER defensive when they’re in the wrong – they ALWAYS feel the need to overcompensate.  This is a HUGE RED FLAG.  If he really didn’t do anything wrong, he will remain calm.   If he IS in the wrong, well, he will be DEFENSIVE AF


He swipes up to close his tabs on his phone as soon as you walk over

He doesn’t want you to see who he’s messaging/looking at


He stops initiating sex as much

Because he’s already gotten his d*ck wet with someone else


He acts distant

He starts creating distance between you two to make him feel less like a piece of sh*t for his actions.  Self-sabotage


He veers from normal patterns

Men are CREATURES OF HABIT!!!  If he’s veering from the norm, something def isn’t right


He always gets notifications on snapchat

Snapchat is every girl’s worst enemy.  Pretty sure the guys who developed the app were cheaters themselves, smh.  Harder to catch a cheater when the messages he is sending disappear…


He stops posting you on his social media

Or maybe he never did to start with…  Either way, he doesn’t want you to ruin his game



A man could be displaying all these qualities and still NOT be cheating, but let’s be honest, ladies: odds are, he is.  STAY WOKE, SIS!!!


And Remember:

CHICKS BEFORE D*CKS!!!  If you know a man is cheating, notify the girlfriend ASAP US WOMEN GOT TO STICK TOGETHER!



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