I Tried Going Celibate

Yep.  You read that right.  MEI went celibate.  HUGE shocker to a lot of you, I know.  For 6 months (except for one time #oops).  But still, that’s a long time.  Especially for me.  Like before that, the longest I had gone over the last few years was only a couple of weeks…  What can I say, I like sex.  And no, I wasn’t hoeing – despite popular belief.  I like dating/seeing/talking to the same person.  Nothing against hoeing, just to each her own!

Sex is an addiction – you can get dickmatized, ladies!!!  So it’s important to take a step a back.  Which is what I decided to do.

Here’s why:




You Learn to Love Yourself More

It’s easy to get lost in other people.  TRUST.  I do it all the time.  But going celibate forced me to love and value myself a LOT more.  After all, YOU are the person you’re going to be stuck with the rest. of. your. life.

Plus, when you value yourself more, it’s easier to call guys out on their bullshit – YOU choose how you let guys treat you.  DON’T EVER LOWER YOUR STANDARDS, SIS!!!  Better to be alone than with someone that treats you like shit.

Remember, you don’t NEED anyone.  People should only be in your life if they are ADDING VALUE TO IT. 


No Risk of Pregnancy

No more Plan B!  Or birth control (I stopped taking it when I was 17 though – just not about putting foreign hormones into my body…).  Since you’re not having sex, you don’t have to worry about accidentally getting preggers.  No STDs either!!


Increased Ability to Focus

When you’re not thinking about dick 24/7, you can actually focus your energy on improving yourself.  I accomplished sooo much just focusing my energy solely on myself.  As my dad would always tell me, men are just a distraction!

Going celibate also allows you to think more clearly and to view situations from a more objective standpoint.  Crazy how much feelings/emotions can affect your viewpoint!  AKA make you overthink and hyper-analyze.  When you’re thinking straight, you can handle situations wayyy calmer.



Sex is actually REALLY healthy for the brain AND body – I’m a HUGE advocate on embracing your sexuality.  So, I def wouldn’t recommend going celibate long-term…

BUT, I DEF think everyone should go celibate for a few months to reset and focus on themselves.   It’s crazy what it can do for you.


Side Note:

I’m no longer celibate.  But had a good celibacy run!









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