How To Be A Bad Bitch

It’s 2019 bitchez!  Time to make yourself into the baddest bitch yet!  No more Mrs. Nice Girl.  NICE GIRLS GET TAKEN ADVANTAGE OF AND WALKED OVER.

Here’s how to make yourself Into a bad bitch:


Don’t Take Shit From Anyone

Oh, you want to f*ck on me?  Not today.  Or any day. #bye

You know your worth and do NOT let people walk over you.   You stick up for yourself in any situation.


If You Say You’re Going To Do Something, Do It

You’re a woman of your word.  When you say you’re going to do something, you stick to it – no matter what it is.  If you don’t want to do something, you tell people point-blank that you won’t do it. #sorrynotsorry


Do What Makes You Happy

And eff what everyone else has to say about it.  If you want to shave your head, you do it.  If you want to quit your job and travel the world, you do it.  No matter what it is, if it makes you happy, you just do it.  And you don’t give a F*CK about the opinions of others


Remove Toxic People From Your Life

And don’t let any into it.  If someone isn’t adding value to your life, you don’t need them in it – and you’re not scared to cut them out.  After all, you only need yourself at the end of the day.


Don’t Let A Guy Control Your Life

IT IS YOUR LIFE!  Do what you want.  NEVER let a guy make the rules.  If you want to wear slutty clothes, you wear them.  If you want to go out with the girls, you do it.  NO ONE,  I repeat, NO ONE tells you what to do.


Be Independent

Don’t rely or depend on ANYONE!  You can take care of yourself just fine and don’t need someone to take care of you.


So, ladies: grow some titties and embrace your bad bitch self!






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