What Guys ACTUALLY Look for in Girls


I KNOW YOU LADIES HAVE BEEN WAITING FOR THIS ANSWER!  What girl doesn’t want to know what guys actually want in a girl?  NO GIRL.  Case and point.  If I had a dollar for every time I heard a girl talking about how she wants a boyfriend, I would be f*cking rich.


But, LET ME CLARIFY before I start: when I say the term “guys,” I am actually referring to guys (typically men) who are looking for a committed relationship.  I am NOT referring to FUCKBOYS OR FRAT BOYS JUST LOOKING FOR A HOOK-UP!


Also, HUGE shoutout to all the guys who gave me input – I didn’t realize how many of you actually had an opinion you wanted to share on this subject.  And I also didn’t realize how similar guys’ opinons were… SO LISTEN CLOSELY, GIRLIES!


So, without further ado…


What Guys ACTUALLY Look for in Girls


Ambition, Motivation, and Drive

No one wants a dead beat.  Men don’t want to wife you and then just have you give up in life #notcute.  Hell, they don’t even want to date you if you lack motivation and drive #thankyounext.  Guys think it’s attractive when a girl has clear goals and ambitions – she has her own life plan going for her.  And you motivate HIM to be a better man.



Guys want to be the provider in the relationship, but they do NOT want to feel like all you’re doing is just taking from them.  They want you to be independent enough to stand on your two feet, but still want to feel like the man in the relationship.  IT IS A FINE LINE, LADIES.  TRUST.  MEN JUST WANT THE BEST OF BOTH WORLDS! #typical.   They want you to have a job, but they do not want you making more money than them (makes them feel like a lil bitch).

Men want to feel wanted and appreciated, but NOT needed.  No dude likes a needy girl.  I REPEAT, NO GUYS WANT A NEEDY GIRL.


You’re His #1 Fan

Guys like feeling like his woman will support him no matter what.  They want a girl who will always have their back and who will always be cheering them on, no matter WHAT it is for.  Why do you think guys fantasize about cheerleaders so much?  wink.  You need to be his RIDE OR DIE. 


Good Communication

EVERY RELATIONSHIP SHOULD HAVE GOOD COMMUNICATION, PEOPLE!!!  It’s the epitome of what relationships are about – so many relationships fail because of POOR COMMUNICATION.  Like, COME ON!!!  Guys do NOT want a girl who plays games: if you feel a certain way, JUST SAY IT.  You need to be able to clearly set and express expectations – GUYS CANNOT READ YOUR MIND!

Also, don’t be a f*cking psycho.  If there’s an issue, don’t go all girl crazy on him.  Just address it calmly and respectfully.  Guys do NOT react well to crazy.


Can Hold a Conversation

Despite what pop culture teaches you, guys do NOT want to date a ditzy girl.  Guys want someone who they can have deep and meaningful conversations with.  They can talk to you about anything and everything.   AND you can hold convos with their fam and friends – got to impress momma bear and the bestie! wink

But guys do NOT like girls who gossip. MAJOR turn off.


Must Have Morals

Don’t be a hoe.  And don’t cheat.  And don’t lie or be shitty person.  Guys want you to have a moral compass.


A Teammate

Guys want you to be their best friend – their teammate.  They want someone who they can see themselves building a life with – together.  Guys want someone who will build them up just as much as they build you up.   A girl who they can take on the world with, side by side!  YOU ARE THEIR PARTNER!



Let’s be honest, LOOKS MATTER!  And if someone tells you otherwise, THEY. ARE. LYING.  Granted, guys don’t ONLY care about looks, but they are definitely important.  Guys need to be physically attracted to the girl they’re with!


Here’s what guys look for most in terms of physical attraction:

  • A nice smile. Who doesn’t like nice teeth?
  • Physically in shape. You don’t need to be a model, but you need to workout and take care of yourself.  Being their gym buddy is a plus.
  • A pretty face. No guy wants to have to put a trash bag over your head when they’re f*cking you.  Just saying.  Also, guys like a face that’s pretty WITHOUT makeup.  Any girl can look good when she’s all dolled up at night, but it’s what you look like in the morning when a guy wakes up next to you that actually matters.
  • Ass & tits. Guys can’t help liking tits and ass – it’s how they’re biologically programmed.  Although a lot of guys think you can still be attractive without having ass and/or tits – it’s basically just an added bonus.



Good in bed.  NO ONE WANTS A STARFISH!!!  Sex is what differentiates a romantic relationship from a friendship #sorrynotsorry.



So ladies, now that you know what guys ACTUALLY want from you, go out there and get yourself a man!


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