F45 Training

MY CURRENT NEW WORKOUT OBSESSION!!!  Y’all really shouldn’t be surprised though,  we all know I love anything and everything Aussie wink.


Okay okay, so what is F45 Training?  It’s functional training!  For 45 minutes (get it? wink).  But really, it’s high-intensity circuit training that engages your WHOLE body.  So not only do you gain lean muscle mass, but you also burn a LOT of calories – it’s the best cardio you can do!  Trust.  You sweat… a f*ckton.

PLUS, every workout is different – so you won’t get bored from the same old routine every day.  And the coaches are SUPER helpful – like they actually care about each individual.  Def makes you excited to workout!


Best part?  All locations let you try the first week FREE!  That way, you can see if you like it – which you will!


If you’re in the San Diego area, my all time FAVORITE F45 Training studio is the one in East Hillcrest!  Like, it’s the best.  And want to know why?  Because the owner and some of the trainers are actually from Australia and New Zealand.  So, it’s #AUTHENTIC af!  Who doesn’t like listening to hot male Aussies talking?

PLUS, if you go to F45 East Hillcrest, not only do you get the first week FREE, but if you say I referred you then you ALSO get your first month 50% off!  #yourewelcome in advance wink.



My other FAVORITE part about the F45 Training East Hillcrest location?  Their bathrooms!!! #hearteyes. Like they actually have the BEST lighting AND free hair and skin products.  #OBSESSED.  Shoutout to the Aussie owner who actually built the whole thing himself!



So go out there and get your fitness on!  You have nothing to lose, except some weight!

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