Guys Tell-All: Biggest Turn-Offs In Girls

Have you ever wondered why a guy just isn’t interested in you?  Or maybe you hung out with him, and then suddenly he’s gone MIA?  Well sis, maybe you turned him off!  Or maybe he’s just a fuckboy that wanted to hit it and quit it…  (which, in a lot of cases, is very true).


Well, I wanted to get to the bottom of it!!  So ladies, here are the biggest turn-offs in girls according to guys:


A Bad Attitude

No one likes a stuck up bitch!  Especially men.  One of the biggest turn-offs for men is when a girl is unappreciative and rude.  LIKE JUST STFU AND SAY THANK YOU!!!  STOP. COMPLAINING. ABOUT. EVERYTHING.  Like damn.

Guys also get turned off if a girl is unwilling to compromise… NEWS FLASH SWEETHEART: relationships are about compromise – it’s a two-way street.


Being Dependent

Y’all should know by now that guys do NOT like a needy hoe.  Take care of yourself!  It is NOT cute if you are still dependent on your parents or on some dude.  You’re a grown up – be an INDEPENDENT BAD BITCH.


Bad Hygiene

Bad breath, bad body odor, and smelly kitties are all BIG no-nos for guys.  CLEANLINESS IS NEXT TO GODLINESS!!!  Brush your teeth and clean yourself!  No one likes a smelly hoe…


A Dirty Room and/or Car

If your room or car is messy, that says a LOT about you – and not in a good way.  Guys don’t like a girl that can’t take care of her own space.


Self Consciousness

Low self-esteem and lack of self-confidence are BIG turn-offs.  No guy wants to hang around a girl who is constantly questioning and beating herself up…  Self-confidence is one of the sexiest things a girl can have!!!  And if you don’t have it…  well, fake it until you make it, girl!


Being A Sloppy Drunk

PULL YOURSELF TOGETHER, GIRL!!!  HANDLE YOUR LIQUOR.  It is not cute, I repeat, NOT CUTE to be a sloppy drunk.  Unladylike af!


Always Being On Your Phone

GET OFF YOUR DAMN PHONE!!!  If you’re hanging out with a guy, LIVE IN THE PRESENT.  No one likes feeling like they’re being ignored… This goes both ways.


Overly Emotional

Guys can’t handle emotions.  Like at all.  So don’t cry about everything!  Guys will just tune you out… and wish you would stfu.


Being Selfish

ESPECIALLY IN BED!  Shocker, guys like sex.  Put out, sis!


Well ladies, there ya have it!


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