My Tanning Secret

Shhh!  Jk, my secret to tan skin is out, bitchez!  drum roll please




I am OBSESSED with this brand!  To say the least.  MY DAYS OF TANNING BEDS ARE OVER!!!  (Well, they actually ended a couple of years ago, but that’s beside the point).


Obvi I live in Southern California, so I am expected to be tan ALL. THE. TIME.   But with May Grey and June Gloom among us, a natural tan is just simply not an option sigh.  So, self-tanner is a must!  And Bali Body is the best of them all!  #yourewelcome


These are my MUST HAVE products:


Self Tanning Mouse:


This shit goes on FLAWLESSLY!  I am not kidding when I say I’ve never had any streaks (make sure you apply with a velvet tanning mitt though, duh!).  And this mouse gives you that perfect bronzed glow that makes it look like you got some MAJOR sun time.  Plus, YOU WON’T BE ORANGE!  And you won’t have that gross fake tan smell either.


Face Tan Water


I am 100% against putting self-tanner or spray tanning my face.  Acne and clogged pores?  NO THANK YOU!  But this tanner is made FOR YOUR FACE!  I have gotten NO breakouts.  I repeat, ZERO!  This product just gives you that slight golden glow so that your face isn’t 10 shades lighter than your body…


Watermelon Tanning Oil


So on the days when it IS sunny out, I use the Watermelon Tanning Oil.   Smells BOMB and it’s not sticky.  Just hydrates your skin and helps you get tan AFFF.  My tan lines from this oil or INSANE!  BUT, I highly recommend that you use a sunscreen in combination with the oil to protect your skin.  SPF 6 is not protective enough.  Skin cancer is NOT for me.



It’s an Australian brand.  We all know how much I love anything Aussie! *wink*


And again, YOU’RE WELCOME!


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