The Best Beauty Service Providers

Being a girl is NOT easy.  Hair, lashes, nails, facials, life…  it’s high maintenance!  And the WORST is trying to find good beauty service providers.  Lucky for all you ladies, I’m going to let you in on my go-to girls for all your beauty needs wink.


Best Hair Stylists

Finding a good hairstylist that does a mean blonde and killer extensions is damn near impossible.  Especially if you do bombshell hand-tied extensions like me.  But both of these lovely ladies are salon owners and always go above AND beyond for me every time I come in! 


San Diego: Tiffany Hoover at Lawa Meraki

Las Vegas: Olga at Neostyle


Best Estheticians

It doesn’t matter how old you are or what your skin condition is, you’re going to need a great esthetician in your life to help take care of your skin.  We want to look young and youthful forever!  All of these ladies are masters of their craft and have the hands of goddesses.  Oh, and they also have the BEST of the best skincare products.


San Diego:  Meghan Le Claire & Vanessa at Skin

Las Vegas: Adrienn Pearl at The Glowry (inside Neostyle Salon)


Best Lash Artists

What girl doesn’t want to wake up with a full set of lashes on?  But actually.  These lash artists always keep my lashes looking full and voluptuous!


San Diego:  Hannah at Studio H & Amelia at Over The Top Beauty

Las Vegas: Ally at LivBay Lash

Seattle: Kyla at Infinity Lash & Beauty Bar


Best Nail Technicians

If quarantine taught me anything, it’s that I CANNOT do my nails as well as nail technicians.  Both these nail technicians do an AMAZING ombre acrylic and are super quick!


San Diego: Ling Ling at Terri’s Nail Salon

Las Vegas: Dan at iNails

Seattle: Mary at Levue Nails & Spa


Best Microshade Artist

Getting your eyebrows to have that perfect arch AND to match is damn near impossible.  Luckily for me now,  I have my eyebrows microshaded on – aka I never have to worry about getting them filled in again! (But you do need a touch-up every year to keep them fresh).  This girl absolutely SLAYED my brows.


San Diego: Christina at ShadeBabeSD


Best Injector

There is only ONE girl I let put needles in my face.  I trust her with my LIFE (and she’s cute and sweet af!).  But seriously, if you ever need botox, filler, Kybella or microneedling done, this is THE GIRL!  


San Diego:  Tiffany Ross at San Diego Eyelid Specialists (she used to work at the La Jolla Cosmetic Surgery Center Medspa – they have an AMAZING staff!)


Best Dentist

A smile says a LOT about you.  So you need to make sure it always looks like a million bucks!  This dentist is meticulous at his work – the best cosmetic dental care you can get!  And the staff is friendly as ever!

San Diego: Dr. Mehdizadeh at Floss in La Jolla



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