How To Spot a F*ckboy

In this day and age, the world is roaming with f*ckboys (we will call them “FB”s for short).  Walking down the street, BOOM!  There’s a FB.  Turn the corner, BOOM!  There’s another FB.  In the club?  FULL OF FBs!  And even if you’re thinking a guy might actually not be a FB for once, BAM! HE’S A FB!

What exactly is a FB?  Well, funny you should ask.  A FB is basically a millennial douchebag – he’s the epitome of a player: he will lead you on and break your heart.  But have no fear ladies, in case you have a hard time distinguishing them, here’s how to spot a f*ckboy out in the wild:

  • He asks for “pics” aka nudes

  • He hooks up with a LOT of girls – he’s probably already banged one (or more) of your friends

  • He will do and say anything to get in your pants – don’t trust him, honey.  Those sweet nothings mean NOTHING

  • He frequently says “bros before hoes”

  • He cares about his appearance wayyyy too much – this guy is vain and narcissistic AF

  • He claims all his exes were “crazy”

  • He takes his shirt off whenever possible

  • He follows a f*ckton of hot babes on Instagram

  • He frequently uses dating apps such as Bumble and Tinder to find (and hook up with) girls

  • He was in a fraternity in college

  • He posts an excessive amount of selfies and shirtless mirror pics on Instagram

  • He has his Snapchat in his Instagram bio

  • He says “bruh” or “bro” excessively

  • He gaslights you ALL THE TIME

  • he has a lot of tattoos

  • He is consistently beating around the bush and is never direct about anything

  • he poses in front of luxury cars (odds are they aren’t even his)

  • He’s ALWAYS on his phone texting (mostly other chicks), usually with the screen tilted away

  • he’s always out at the clubs/bar (picking up on other chicks)

  • He constantly uses phrases like “we should hang” “keep me posted” and  “sorry, I was busy”

  • He is the KING of mind games and talks the BIGGEST game.  For example, he will confess his “feelings” for you but will then turn around and say he’s “not the relationship type”.  HE JUST WANTS TO GET IN YOUR PANTS, GIRL!

AKA a fckboy is basically an a$$hole that tells you everything you want to hear but is really just trying to fck you and chuck you.  BE AWARE AND STAY AWAY!!!


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