Trending Restaurants & Lounges in San Diego

IT’S TRENDING, YO!!!  Lucky for you, I’m a boujee foodie.  And I LOVE trending restaurants (or anything trending, tbh).   So out of the kindness of my heart, I compiled a list of the Top 8 Trending Restaurants & Lounges in San Diego – just so you can have a lil try for yourself wink.



THEY LIGHT COTTON CANDY ON FIRE, PEOPLE!  THIS IS NOT A DRILL.  AND their white couches and floral arrangements are soooo cute.  Plus their neon-glowing “Dare to Be” sign is Instagram worthy AF.  It’s like you’re going to the STK in Vegas – except you’re at the Andaz Hotel in San Diego wink.  Perf place to get dinner with the crew before you hit the clubs or for date night!


There are cherry blossom trees INSIDE THE VENUE!  INSIDE!!!  And trending artwork everywhere.  It’s an effing basic bitch’s Instagram DREAM.  Plus, the cuisine is SO BOMB – it’s one of the few Japanese restaurants that I like as much as Nobu…  GO HERE!   Especially if you find yourself wandering around Little Italy not wanting Italian food, Cloak & Petal is a must.  Who doesn’t like some sake!?


Def find you a man to take you on a date here!  This venue is GORGEOUS!   The lux decor is STUNNING.  And the steaks will def make your mouth water.  Like this place is so stunning, even their staircase is luxurious!  100% add Born & Raised to your list.


This nightclub isn’t just a nightclub anymore!  This sassy venue now doubles as a lounge, too.  HAVE YOU SEEN THIS PLACE?!  IT. IS. GORGEOUS!  Rose gold chrome, rose gold couches, even Mean Girls quotes in the girls’ bathroom!!!  I could take pics in here for days.   Or sip on the tasty craft cocktails.  Or nibble on their small bites.  Or gossip with my girlfriends.  Or pick up on hot men.  THE POSSIBILITIES AT SIDE BAR ARE ENDLESS.  Talk about OBSESSED!


Who doesn’t love a view of downtown San Diego from the 14th floor?  BECAUSE I SURE DO!  You can see from Petco Park all the way to Coronado Bridge – yes, please!  Plus, their cocktails are spirit-forward, if you know what I mean winkThe Nolen is the perf rooftop lounge if you’re feeling like being sophisticated and boujee!


Rooftop lounge DREAM!  Cannot tell you how many days I’ve come to this place and sipped on some rosé…  or how many nights I’ve tossed back tequila shots awkward laugh.   My all-time favorite rooftop lounge.   It’s just so timeless and iconic…  and fun.  I CAN’T HELP IT!!!  And I’m in LOVE with all the green decor!  Like literally so cute.  Rustic Root is the perf spot to go out for a girls night (and take some pics wink).


Ciao, Bella!  As an Italian myself, there’s nothing I love more than some good ol’ Italian food.  And honestly, Barbusa has the BEST modern Sicilian food in San Diego (and maybe even in the world… except in Italy, of course).   If you’re going down to Little Italy for some dinner or drinks, this place is a MUST.   Their pasta will make your mouth water and the pizza will make your taste buds oh so wet wink.   And their family-like staff will make you want to stay all night long!


Okay, this isn’t a restaurant OR a lounge, but it’s SO BOMB AND TRENDING that I just had to add it to this list.  Boujee, gourmet ice cream?  YES, PLEASE!  With flavors like honey lavender (my fave), roasted strawberry coconut and chocolate gooey brownie, it’s hard not to get addicted to this place…  Trust.  There is literally a line around the corner to get this ice cream EVERY. DAY.  But Salt & Straw is most def worth the wait.


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