The Different Types of Men in Relationships

Ugh, men.  Can’t live with them, can’t live without them.  And although men possess a LOT of the same characteristics, not all men are the same!  But, they can be easily grouped into different categories wink.

So, ladies, here are the different types of men in relationships:


The Fronter

The guy that fronts ALL. THE. TIME!  He acts like he’s hella boujee, and tells you that he will take you on trips and buy you nice things.  LIES!!!  ALL LIES!!!  He’s actually a broke bitch that can barely afford to buy you dinner, let alone take you to St. Tropez sigh.   He’ll tell you he can give you your dreams but TRUST, he can’t.  Does he even have a car?!  Debatable.


The Commitment Guy

This guy wants to lock you down the second he meets you.  You’re not even on the second date and he’s already talking about weddings and babies.  Def can be a bit much if you’re the carefree type.  But if you’re ready to get locked down, this guy is the perf match!


The Jealous Guy

Are you dating a girl?  Because this guy is even crazier than your girlfriends!  He will freak out if you don’t text him back fast enough and immediately start accusing you of wrongdoings.  SORRY, YOU WERE NAPPING!!!  He will lurk through all the likes and comments on your Instagram pics, guilting you nonstop about all the guys.  YOU DON’T EVEN KNOW THEM!!!


The Nice Guy

Often pushed into the friend zone, the nice guy is just that:  A NICE GUY!  He’s polite, genuine, sweet, and pretty much has no negative traits.   It’s the best friend you could ask for!


The Controlling Guy

Are you dating your dad?  Because this guy acts just like an overprotective father.  “Where are you going?”  “Who with?”  “Oh no, you can’t do that.”  “It’s not safe.”  Say goodbye to your freedom ladies!


The Passive Aggressive Guy

Ugh, I hate passive aggressive people.  ESPECIALLY when you’re dating them.   If there’s a problem, you can sure as f*ck know they’re not going to talk to you about it.  Just make passive aggressive comments NON STOP.  So annoying.


The Cheater

Almost every guy these days, unfortunately #eyeroll.  “Baby, I would NEVER cheat on you.  I LOVE you.”  BULLSHIT!!!  Guys will cheat and lie until the day they die.  The cheater just does it often and relentlessly, the true scum of the earth.  If you don’t want to be loyal, THEN DON’T BE IN A RELATIONSHIP!!! 


The Fuckboy

Such a lil player.  Will tell you everything you want to hear – he seems like he’s too good to be true.  NEWS FLASH:  HE IS, SIS!  He’s saying the same thing to you as he is to every other girl he’s talking to.  Read more about what a fuckboy is in my previous post “How To Spot A Fuckboy.”


The Needy Guy

UGH, HE IS SO NEEDY!!!  Worse than a girl.  Honestly, though.  He gets super upset if you take too long to reply and can barely handle a minute apart.  He needs reassurance ALL. THE. TIME.  It’s too much, really.


So, what type of guy are you dating?  Let me know!



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