Girls Tell-All: Biggest Turn-Offs In Guys

It’s funny, when I first started writing this blog, I had assumed that all my readers would be female.  WRONG!!!  I actually have more guys that admit to reading my blog than girls.  Shocker!  I know.


So, since my previous blog post Guys Tell-All: Biggest Turn-Offs In Girls was so popular, I decided to make a new post to help out all my male readers.  drum roll please


Girls Tell-All: Biggest Turn-Offs In Guys



Girls are insecure enough as it is, the LAST THING a girl wants is for her man to be insecure, too.  GROW UP!  And don’t be a lil bitchboy.


Bad Hygiene

Ew. Wash your body.  Brush your teeth.  Clean your clothes.  IT ISN’T THAT HARD, GUYS!!!  There’s nothing like some pungent BO and some bad breath that will make a girl walk right in the other direction.


Bad Style

Guys, GET SOME EFFING STYLE!  There’s no bigger turn-on than a guy who knows how to dress.  And there’s no bigger turn-off than a guy who doesn’t.  IT’S A MAKE OR BREAK!


Overly Sensitive

Girls want to date a MAN, not some lil bitchboy that cries more than she does.  There’s a BIG difference between a guy who communicates his feelings and a guy who is overly emotional.


Overly Cocky

We all know that confidence is sexy, but when a guy is an overly cocky, egotistical douchebag, IT ISN’T CUTE!  NO ONE WANTS A NARCISSISTIC ASSHOLE!!!


Is An Asshole

Again, NO ONE WANTS AN ASSHOLE!  Sure, girls like when a guy is witty and confident, but no girl likes when a dude is a downright dick to her.  Or, a dude that is rude to people in customer service.  HELL TO THE NO!  HAVE SOME EFFING MANNERS!


Shitty Job

Shocker.  Sorry, it’s just how the world works.  Men are supposed to be the provider.  Not saying that every girl expects you to be a billionaire, but you do need to have a decent job.  And AMBITION.  Who wants a deadbeat?  NO ONE!


Too Protective

Girls like feeling like their man cares about them, but to have a guy constantly stalking your every move is a completely different story.  A woman is a PERSON, not your PROPERTY, let her do as she pleases!



Again, GROW THE EFF UP!!!  Girls don’t want to feel like they’re effing your mother.



You’re welcome, boys!


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