Things To Do During Quarantine

THE WORLD IS ENDING!!!  2020 is def not off to a great start ladies and gents, plain and simple.  Who would have ever thought that we would all be quarantined up in our houses with every store shut down and nowhere to go?  Certainly not me, that’s for damn sure.  I AM GOING STIR CRAZY AFFF.  Jk.  Kinda.  But I did come up with some things to keep y’all busy during this boring-ass quarantine eye roll.


Read A Book

We all know I love a good book.  We also know that a lot of you haven’t made the time to read in years WELL, NOW IS YOUR TIME!  Work that brain and engage your mind.  Looking for some good reads?  Go check out my other blog posts “My Top 13 Must-Read Books” and “More Good Reads!” for inspiration.  Or, just go read all my blog posts.  #yourewelcome



I know some of y’all always complain that you’re too tired from work to go workout… BUT YOU CAN’T USE THAT EXCUSE ANYMORE!  Time is plentiful and you need to get that booty perky!  Ain’t nobody want that extra fluff with summer right around the corner.  So, grab some workout bands and get that booty tight!  Or go on a run.  Or a hike.  Or just watch some at-home workouts from fitness influences on Instagram.  Don’t need the gym to stay in shape!  #noexcuses


Hangout With Friends

Humans are just social beings.  It’s wayyy more enjoyable to be locked up in your house with some friends than it is to be locked up alone.  Trust.


Practice Cooking

Ever want to be a housewife?  Well now is the time to get on your cooking game and become wifey material!  *wink*


Clean Your House

Clean your house.  Then, deep clean it again.  Reorganize your closet.  Throw out some excess shit.  Might as well start spring cleaning now!


Have Sex

This is probably the best quarantine activity (in my opinion).  And another great way to get that cardio in!  Grab your boo thang and get freaky in the sheets *wink*.   And if you don’t have a boo you’re quarantined with, better go online to Adam & Eve and get to ordering!


Do A Puzzle

Need to exercise your brain, too!  And what better way to do that than with a puzzle?  Again, more enjoyable with friends.


Watch Netflix

I know y’all do this all the time anyways, but just had to throw it in there.  Now is the perfect time to binge-watch your favorite shows and get acquainted with all the new movies!


Listen To A Podcast

There are sooo many good podcasts out there!  Although “Call Her Daddy” is definitely my favorite *wink*.  Podcasts are the perfect way to learn and expand your mind if you’re too impatient to sit down and read.



With the world currently so quiet and still, now is the perfect time to get into meditating!  Ground yourself bitchez.



Happy quarantining!


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