I Got Lasik!

No more Ms. Four Eyes – this bitch got Lasik!  Well actually, I did like two years ago… Butttt now that I’ve been glasses/contact free for an ample amount of time, I felt it a great time to discuss.  Giving you the long term advice babies! Because we in this together for the long haul wink.


Let me just start this by saying this:  other than my boob job (you can read about that in my other post Boob Job Must Knows), getting Lasik Eye Surgery was one of the best decisions of. my. life.  Hands down.  No competition.  There is NOTHING better than waking up in the morning and NOT having to stick something in your eyes just so you can see.  This shit is priceless.


Granted,  I’ve had glasses since fourth grade and contacts since fifth grade, so this was a longgg time coming.  Plus, I  come from a family where everyone has bad eyesight, so getting Lasik def wasn’t out of the norm.


BUT for all my fellow readers that also aren’t naturally blessed with good eyesight, I’m going to spill all the tea on my Lasik experience:


  • I got Lasik when I was 21 – one week after my boob job to be exact.  But hey, two birds with one stone, am I right? wink.  Although, it’s not normally recommended to get Lasik until you’re at least in your mid-twenties (f*ck it!).  But as long as your eye prescription hasn’t changed in 2+ years, then you’re good to go sista!


  • Trying to save money?  Get it on Groupon! Obvi it’s your eyes so you don’t want to go anywhere sketchy (DON’T GO BLIND!!), but a lot of reputable places use Groupon.  I got mine done at the Lasik Vision Institute in San Diego and saved like $2,000 – ayyyy.


  • You can’t wear eye makeup for a week before OR for a week after your surgery.  So make sure to time it right, ladies! (You also can’t wear contacts for a week before either #fml).


  • Each eye takes about a minute to operate on, but you have to stare at the same dot the whole time, so it feels like a lifeeeeetime


  • It smells.  You can literally smell your eyeball burning.   It’s gross AF tbh


  • Your eyes will literally feel like sandpaper after.  Not the best feeling. Best recommendation is to just go the eff to sleep after


  • When you wake up the next day though, you can see 20/20!  It’s INSANE! I literally drove myself to my post-op the morning after.  Shit is wild


  • You have to wear these ugly ass goggles when you sleep for like a week after – notttt cute.  At all.


  • Your eyes are going to be dry for months/years.  Better load up on some eye drops! But hey, if you’re already used to wearing contacts, dry eyes isn’t out of the norm anyways


  • If you’re driving at night, the street lights can get a weird glow around them (guess they couldn’t get rid of my astigmatism all the way… oh well!)


  • Over two years later, and my eyesight is still better than ever!  


Overall? GET THAT LASIK!  It will change your lifeeee.



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