How To Live Your Best Life

LIVE YOUR EFFING BEST LIFE BITCHEZ!!!  Cliche as it sounds, you only live once, so you better damn well make the best of it!  We all know I do wink. But seriously, I do #blessed.  


So, I’m going to share with all you readers how I do it (even during quarantine):


How To Live Your Best Life


Stay Positive

Life is all about perception – LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT, SISTA!  You can focus on the positives and be happy, or you can focus on the negatives and be miserable. COUNT YOUR BLESSINGS!  And be grateful.   Every. Single. Day.  There’s a silver lining in every situation – trust!  And every bad situation can be spun into a positive learning lesson.  “What doesn’t kill you makes you stronger!” But actually. 


Say “Yes!”

One of my goals for 2020 was to say “yes” more.  There are sooo many great opportunities that are presented to us every day, you just have to say “yes” to them!  F*CK IT!  You’re only going to regret the things you don’t do!


Surround Yourself With Like-Minded Individuals

If your friends don’t inspire you to either be a better person or to do better as a person, you have the wrong friends #BYE.  It’s not about where you are or what you’re doing, it’s about the company you keep.  Find a workout buddy, find a travel buddy, find a mentor, find a life partner to build a future with. Case closed.


Balance Your Life

It’s all about balance y’all!  Life is meant to be LIVED, you weren’t made to work until you die!  Of course you need to work in order to be successful and to get the things that you want in life, but don’t get so focused that you forget your “why”.  Take that vacation, go out to dinner, spend time with the people you love, ENJOY what you work so hard for!  This is coming from me, a recovering workaholic.  


Treat Your Body Right

You can’t live your best life without the right mindset, and you can’t have the right mindset if you don’t take care of your body.  PRIORITIZE YOUR HEALTH AND WELLBEING!  Health is wealth y’all! wink.  Eat clean (read my post How To Be A Gluten-Free Pescatarian), get your cardio in, lift some weights, get adequate sleep, and limit your alcohol intake (also read my post How (and Why) I Cut Back On Drinking).  


Remember, It’s YOUR Life

Let me repeat myself, IT IS YOUR LIFE!  No one else’s.  So, DO WHAT YOU WANT.  Do what makes you HAPPY.  AND EFF THE HATERS.  People are going to judge you no matter what you do, so do what YOU want.  Do you want to be sitting on your deathbed regretting the decisions you made because you made them for someone else?  NO, YOU DO NOT.   You are always just one choice of away from living a totally different life.  DO IT. 


Best of luck!


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